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Frequently asked


  • Do you buy books?
    Yes, however we are selective with condition and type depending on what we can put out. Bring books down to the store anytime and we will pick what we'd like to buy. You can also choose store credit or donate them If it's a lot of books, call and set up a time where we can come out and help take them off your hands, and save you from carrying that many down to us.
  • Can I request a book?
    Yes, and if we have it we can hold it for you, or ship it to you. If we don't have it we can help find you one, or let you know if one comes through the store.
  • Do you have ________?
    Maybe and/or Probably Feel free to contact us about it or come down and browse around, you may find something I didn't even know was around. We don't have anything new however
  • Can you ship something?
    If we have it we can ship it to you; books, records, movies, comics. Safely packed and tracking provided. Payments can be made through PayPal or over the phone.
  • Can you appraise this 'first edition' I have?
    Yes, we can appraise books for you, wether its 1 or 1,000.
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